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How to join the RCOC forum

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This Forum is only available to paid up members of the Rickman cars owners club, if you are currently a member and would like access to the forum please follow the steps below :

Click the Register link, fill in your details, including the same e-mail address as the club has on file and include your membership number in 4 digit format (e.g. 0049), Please ensure that your username gives some clue as to your real world name, if you are not a member please don't just enter any 4 digit number in the membership number box - we do check against our database and applications with invalid membership numbers and/or email addresses will be deleted.

Non Members - Click the "Rickman Home page" Link followed by the "Join the club" button at the top of the page.

Simon Bateman – RCOC Forum Coordinator
RCOC Forum Coordinator

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