Ranger on Ebay-gctid3887

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Ranger on Ebay-gctid3887

Post by RichardS »

There's a white 2 litre Ranger in Devon on Ebay. Looks quite good but what are the wheels?


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Ranger on Ebay-gctid4092

Post by JohnW »

They look like standard Ford wheels to me, if they are from a FWD car & 5" wide they may fit a Ranger, but I tried 6" wide Ford alloys on mine & they would not fit unless using spacers.


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Ranger on Ebay-gctid4266

Post by PeterS »

It looks quite tidy and here's the link to save others from searching.

White Ranger in Devon

Are the wheels Peugeot perhaps?

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Ranger on Ebay-gctid4416

Post by JamesD »

That is now mine! Yes, they were Peugeot ones with 196/65-15 tyres. They have about 20mm offset but the centre hole is a little bigger than the Ford hubs. I have now put some alloys on it.

Nice rust stains!!

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