FOR SALE - Rickman Space Ranger restoration project

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FOR SALE - Rickman Space Ranger restoration project

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Having not started my Space Ranger project in the 5 years that it’s been sat on my drive and in my better half’s garage, it’s unlikely that I ever will - so it’s time for me to sell it. Before advertising on Ebay for someone to buy for the Mk2 Escort parts, I thought I’d see if anyone in the Rickman community is interested?

The project consists of 2 Space Rangers, one black, the other grey.

The black Space Ranger has a V5 (diesel 1800) on a Q plate. The body shell and chassis have been modified to fit on a Range Rover in the past. The bulkhead has been removed and the front section of the chassis cut. Likewise, the fibreglass front end section has been cut from the top of the grille down. The bonnet and doors are all complete. All these items are stored in my better half’s garage which is 15 miles from me and will need to be lifted out. I can help with lifting but you’ll need some more assistance (it took 3-4 people to lift the bodyshell in).

The grey Space Ranger is an unfinished kit that has never been registered. It is fitted with a 2.3l diesel, Ford type 9 gearbox from a Ford Sierra and standard Mk2 escort rear axle. The engine turns and has compression but has not been started. There is also an oil leak from the rear crank seal. There are brand new injectors which will be included in the sale. This is a rolling chassis with no brakes and is parked on my drive, so could be pulled onto a transporter with the winch.

Both cars have galvanised chassis.

Between the 2 cars there are many parts including:
• Fuel tank
• Unused Rickman door cards and front interior panels
• 2 Front seats (look like Volvo 300 series)
• Wiring loom (looks like diesel sierra)
• Roof rack
• Bumpers and support bar
• Inner front under bonnet body panels
• Radiator
• Some dashboard plastics and steering column surround.
• Numerous other bits and bobs.

Taking the above into account I’d be looking for £500 for the lot. I’m reluctant to split anything out of the package as ideally I want it to go in 1 lot but I may consider if the price is right.

Regarding collection, the black Space Ranger to be collected first and the grey Space Ranger second, I will then sign over the V5.

I’m based in the west country, near Bath.. If you’re interested, drop me a line, I've got lots more photos if you need them.

It goes on Ebay in August if I don’t hear anything..
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