Have a Ranger Conv? rear spring lowering

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Re: Have a Ranger Conv? rear spring lowering

Post by ABurgess » Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:14 am

Hi James.

When the Rickman club was getting together at the shows in the early 90's owners were discovering the standard springs were ok if running an OHV engine, but if you had upgraded to a pinto usually the 2.0 litre which many had so they could pull a caravan, then it became apparent that the front tyres were bouncing up and rubbing on the rear edge of the wheel arch (do you have any scuffs on yours?) I do not know who came up with the 145 lb plus 1" I think it was someone who had rallied escorts in the past, but this became the practise when fitting Pinto's. the 145lb plus 1" is a spring that is not under tension and I bought mine from Lloyd's Rallying in Wales. they advertise in rally and "fast ford" mags. I later fitted a 2.3 diesel to my space ranger and that was such a heavy lump that I had to fit 190lb Plus 2" for it to be right. (Hence the nickname Boat Anchor from the webmaster) lots of experiments went on in the early days and if a member came up with anything good they usually put it in the club mag for others to see. also a list was printed in something called Recycle notes! I don't know if you received any old mags or this when you purchased your ranger. some owners passed on this info some did not.
The uprated springs were slightly thicker.


Ps what engines do you have in these Rangers?

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Re: Have a Ranger Conv? rear spring lowering

Post by JamesF » Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:24 pm

Many thanks for the info. If I hadn't had such a difficult time since moving I would have gone to the shows and had a chat with folk. Now I have lost both dogs due to old age I hope to go to the next one.

I've got a 1600 OHV conv and 2000 Pinto saloon model. Hoping to get the saloon on the road this summer - a close look reveals that the camber is not right on the front so hoping to find a solution for both.

I got the Haynes RS manual and it seems one spring type and shock absorber was fitted to each - springs being brown/grey, 5.98 coils and free length 10.35 ins. But I'll give Lloyds rallying a try as well.


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