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How to join the RCOC forum

Post by Simon_Admin » Mon May 22, 2006 7:53 pm

This Forum is only available to paid up members of the Rickman cars owners club, if you are currently a member and would like access to the forum please follow the steps below :

Click the Register link, fill in your details, including the same e-mail address as the club has on file and include your membership number in 4 digit format (e.g. 0049), Please ensure that your username gives some clue as to your real world name, if you are not a member please don't just enter any 4 digit number in the membership number box - we do check against our database and applications with invalid membership numbers will be deleted.

Non Members - Click the "Rickman Home page" Link followed by the "Joining RCOC" button

Please note that Accounts not used (logged in) for more than 365 consecutive days will be disabled as part of the board maintenance

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